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Would you like to be trained in the things of the spirit and join a ministry that can help you advance in the spirit realm?  Well, join our "School of the Supernatural" mentorship classes. We are NOT A CHURCH but a five-fold ministry that equips the saints.  Come join this powerful ministry~!!~ Your life will never be the same~!  Just remember once you enter the school there will be NO REFUND!!!!! once the enrollment fee is paid. Thank you, look forward to our journey together.

If you would like to register for "The School of the Supernatural" there is a one time $200.00 enrollment fee. Just fill out the "Enrollment Form", and then click on the "Donate" button below, enter the amount of $200.00 in the other field and send your payment.  Once you do that your in our private Facebook school and we will contact you shorty after.  Once your in you only have to sow a weekly or bi- weekly offering to the ministry to remain in the school.

In the school you will be trained in the supernatural and also have access to Prophet Shawn Morris, and Prophetess Tora Morris' counseling, as well as, all the previous teachings posted in the school.


You will be a part of the SMI family. However this doesn’t mean you have to stop going to your local church or stop your fellowship with other ministries.  Please do note that learning from multiple teaching is not healthy for spiritual growth. So pray about it and ask the Lord if this is the right fit for you.

Please fill out the below enrollment information form

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