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Prophet Shawn and Prophetess Tora Morris

        Prophet Shawn Anthony Morris is a very unique and highly anointed man of God whose been called for such an appointed time as this. He is gifted to operate in all facets of the five-fold ministry, and has a passion and a heart for revival. He is a descendant of Gods’ General “William J. Seymour” of the Azusa Street revival which ended in 1915. He is the President/CEO of Shawn Morris International Ministries. He and his wife travel all over the world on mission trips sharing the gospel and setting the captives free. They have traveled to and currently support charities in Ghana, Kenya, Jamaica, Israel, India, Canada, Philippians, Korea, and Pakistan. SMI also has an Evangelistic Outreach program to help the homeless. We also support St. Jude Children’s Hospital, local restoration houses, and charities. We hold fundraisers, local and international revivals/conferences, as well as, youth conferences to reach the world for the glory of God.

        Prophet Morris was born in New Orleans December 10, 1979. Raised in the Calliope Housing Development had a strong impact on the bad choices that he made early in his life. He started using cocaine at the tender age of 13, then the use of heroin at the age of 15. That was the only beginning of many crimes yet to come. By the age of 20, he had a list of crimes, which included battery of a police officer, drug possession, armed robbery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and the list goes on. He was facing 99 years in prison when God delivered him from the pits of hell. After his release from prison he stopped the usage of drugs, but he continued to sell them. He pursued a music career that gained him some notoriety in the underground circuit of the Hip-hop world in New Orleans, La. However, in August of 2008 Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast and caused major damage to New Orleans and the surrounding areas of the Gulf Coast. It was a storm of biblical proportions. Prophet Morris was then forced to relocate to Houston, Texas. After relocating to Houston Prophet Morris received more popularity with his music career that caused him to be connected to more national and international rap celebrities. But in May 03, 2008, God arrest his soul and he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Later that year, he attended a service with Pastor Benny Hinn and was called up out of a crowd of 3,000 people. God began to speak to him. Pastor Hinn laid hands on Prophet Morris and he said, “This man has a great anointing on his life and is going to have the same anointing as I have.” Two weeks later Prophet Morris began to feel the heat of the Lord in his hands, and the prophetic healing and deliverance ministry was birthed at that very moment.

        Prophet Morris was ordained as a Pastor/Prophet in the five-fold ministry under the leadership of Dr. E. Woodie Mathis and Holy Ground Ministries in December of 2008 in, which Prophet Morris was the governing Prophet over several of the house churches in the Houston and Louisiana areas.


        During this time Prophet Morris also was the catalyst for a nine-month revival that hit Houston Texas in 2010 that led hundreds to the Lord. Because of this phenomenal move of God many local and international churches have come under the leadership of Prophet Shawn Morris as a spiritual mentor and father to many pastors around the globe. Prophet Morris has also started a program called Fishermen Evangelistic Outreach. Its sole purpose is to reach at-risk youth and those who are engaging in criminal actives with alternative solutions to modern day issues they face, such as HIV/AIDS prevention, social identity in the academic and workplace settings, as well as, providing alternative music choices such as positive hip-hop and gospel rap. This program also provides awareness of the spiritual essence of the gifts and talents that the youth possess.

        Also, Prophet Morris has received his Ministerial Credentials as a healing evangelist and became a member of the 4 Corner Alliance on October 26th of 2013 through Joan Hunter Ministries. Prophet Morris travels all over the world conducting healing and prophetic revivals. He has been anointed and mentored by great men and women of God such as: James Durham, Glenda Jackson, Tony Kemp, Benny Hinn, David Herzog, Kevin Basconi, Joan Hunter, Lucy Rael, Kathie Walters, Maheash Chavda, Dr. Mike Murdock, Reinhard Bonnke, Josh Mills, and Bishop Lester Love. With the direction of the Holy Spirit and wisdom of his mentors, Prophet Morris' ministry moves with great power in the supernatural.

People have experienced rapid weight loss, financial breakthroughs, debt cancelation, money multiplication, money appearing in wallets/pockets, instant deliverance, healings, oil dripping from their hands, body parts growing out, vertebrate aligning, gold dust, as well as, angel feathers and heavenly raindrops falling in the service. Prophet Morris is passionate about God’s people and seeing them saved, set free, and delivered. Many salvations have taken place in his services and many have also been filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately started speaking in tongues. His prophesy and word of knowledge continues to be accurate like never before.

        Prophet Shawn Morris is supported by his beautiful wife Prophetess Adetoro Adegbenro Morris, a woman appointed by God. She is an anointed and a mighty woman of God who moves in miracles, signs, and wonders. Her family origin is from Nigeria, Africa. She is a renowned Prophetess to the nations. Together this dynamic couple reaches the nations with passion, zeal, and power through the glory of God.

Prophet Morris' favorite quote is:

“If a ministry is not SUPERNATURAL it is NATURAL, and if NATURAL then it's carnal” Author: THE HOLY SPIRIT

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