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Welcome to Shawn Morris International Ministries. It is our prayer that as you view this site, you will have an encounter with the Most High God. 

If you need healing, deliverance, supernatural encounters, miracles, prophetic teachings, impartation to activate, and demonstrate your gifts, follow this ministry as we follow God.  Come and embark on a journey that will take you to know the supernatural depth, width, height, and length of God's power.  View our testimonial videos, register for our events, send your prayer requests, and written testimonies on how this ministry has impacted your life.  This ministry is a global force that impacts several nations including the United States, through by teaching them through mentorship, revival crusades, television, and radio broadcasting.  Stay connected with us as we follow the Glory Cloud.

Remember, "If a ministry is not SUPERNATURAL, then it's NATURAL."


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